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      Commercial Building (BC3)
    _imgBC3  Lump sum contract for Commercial / Industrial projects with no architectural administration.
      Cost Plus Commercial
      _imgCostPlusCom For commercial work undertaken on a cost plus fixed fee or percentage margin.
      Construction Management
      _imgConstructMgmt For Construction Management Services for use in non-residential building projects.
      Trade Contract (For use with Construction Management)
      _imgTC Enables trade contractor to be engaged to do work for the client.
      Project Management
    _imgProjectMgmt Contract between Project Manager and Principal for use in non-residential building projects.


    Residential Building (BC4)
    _imgBC4 Lump sum contract to be used for new houses, major residential renovations, or small multi unit developments with no architect supervision.
     Cost Plus Residential 
    Head contract for work undertaken on a cost plus fixed fee or percentage margin basis.
     Residential Renovations & Additions
     _imgRenoAdditionsLump sum contract for small residential alterations and additions where work is not architect administered.

    Residential Minor Works
     _imgMinorWorksFor small residential projects. Especially suited to jobs under $20,000 which do not require home warranty insurance. Comes in a pad of 5 duplicate contracts.
     Swimming Pool Construction
     _imgPoolConFor use in supply and construction on residential land of a swimming pool and/or spa.

    Companion Forms

     Residential Building Specification 
     _imgBuildSpecStandard NSW Housing Specification of construction requirements, including a Schedule of fittings, fixtures and finishes.
     Confirmation Of Variation
    _imgConfirmationVariationAssists with keeping a written record of all changes to the original scope of works in the head contract.

    Extension of Time Claim

    If the project is delayed you need to tell those affected and you need to do that in writing.

    Progress Payment Claim

    Form for contractors to invoice the proprietor for any claim for payment.
     Standard Trade Contract
    For use between the builder and the trade contractor and compatible with most MBA head contracts.

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