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    MBA - Representing the Infrastructure Sector for over 130 years.

    MBA NSW represents various sectors within the construction industry.  Representation also includes the sector of infrastructure which is technical structures that support communities, such as roads, water supply, sewers, electrical grids, telecommunications and educational services which are essential to enable, sustain, or enhance living conditions of communities.

    MBA can assist various contractors meet their obligations when working on Government projects.  This includes developing various plans to meet the outcomes of information required by Government funded projects.

    MBA has further enhanced its membership services within the infrastructure and civil construction sectors of the construction industry.

    In addition to an increase in industry related services for the civil sector, we represent the industry on various external civil/infrastructure industry work groups.

    Skills development of current industry employees and addressing the industry’s skills shortages through the MBA training and group apprenticeship scheme is high on our agenda. In addition we continue to assist members with ongoing training requirements for licensing purposes such as demolition and asbestos removal

    Master Builders also provide Civil Construction Apprentices and Trainees. 

    For more information contact our Infrastructure Service Manager, Omesh Jethwani.
    Ph: 02 8586 3539
    email: ojethwani@mbansw.asn.au

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