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    What is ALink? 

    ALink is the go to centre for apprentices, apprenticeship service providers and those seeking a career in the building and construction industry.  As a unique service, ALink has been established by the Master Builders to help reduce the attrition rate of apprentices and to raise the profile of the industry as a provider of rewarding career pathways.

    In partnership with key industry stakeholders, our ALink specialist careers officers provide a range of support and advisory services.

    Apprentice Road Shows 

    ALink Road Shows are conducted at TAFEs across New South Wales.  These Road Shows provide apprentices and other building and construction students with an insight into the full range of ALink services and products.  Our ALink team will give answers to the questions apprentices and students need to further their careers.

    Free Membership For The Duration of Apprenticeship 

    As part of our commitment to helping apprentices and students Master Builders offers a FREE membership to ALINK.  ALink members can attend Master Builders Trade Shows to get the latest information about the industry and available products and to network with builders.

    Membership also gives access to products, such as power tools, at hard to match prices exclusive to ALink members.

    Resume Troubleshooting 

    An ALink officer will assist you to prepare the resume that will help you conquer the first hurdle - getting the interview for the job that will start your career.

    Call Centre Advice and Support 

    With extensive experience in the careers area, the team will guide and help you to achieve your career goals.


    • Master Builders member rate for training
    • Master Builders member rate for stationary (includes manuals) and products
    • E-Circulars and E-magazine
    • Trade Shows
    • Fleet Discounts
    • Health Insurance
    • Telstra
    • Tools
    • Safety gear and clothing
    • Entertainment

    Access To Up to Date Industry Information

    From apprentice subsidy entitlements to further training an ALink officer is available to assist.

    ALink is just a phone call away. Contact Omesh Jethwani from the ALink team on (02) 8586 3555 or download the application form.

    Visit the ALink Website for more information.

02 8586 3555

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