Opportunity, Choice, Healing, Responsibility, Empowerment

    OCHRE is the NSW Government plan for Aboriginal affairs.  It stands for opportunity, choice, healing, responsibility, empowerment and is symbolic of Aboriginal communities’ deep connection with Country.

    OCHRE is a response to recommendations of the Ministerial Taskforce on Aboriginal Affairs, the NSW Auditor General and NSW Ombudsman. 

    The Taskforce was made up of seven Ministers, four Aboriginal community leaders and senior public servants. It looked at how to improve outcomes for Aboriginal people in education and employment, service delivery and accountability.

    The Taskforce undertook comprehensive consultations last year and received feedback from some 2,700 people across NSW.


    • Teach more Aboriginal language and culture to build people’s pride and identity.
    • Keep more Aboriginal students at school.
    • Support more Aboriginal young people to get jobs that are fulfilling and sustainable
    • Grow local Aboriginal leaders’ and communities’ capacity to drive their own solutions
    • Focus on creating opportunities for economic empowerment
    • Make Government and communities more accountable for the money they spend.

    How they will be achieved

    This plan is less about Government and more about Aboriginal people.  To achieve our aims, OCHRE outlines a number of initiatives including: Connected Communities, Language and Culture Nests, Opportunity Hubs, a Local Decision Making model and an independent Aboriginal Council chaired by a Coordinator General.

    Click here to access a copy of OCHRE 

    Click here to access a copy of OCHRE Executive Summary

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