Industry Based Agreement

    In April 2014 Master Builders NSW and the NSW Government signed an Industry Based Agreement to work together to create sustainable economic development and employment opportunities for Aboriginal people in the building and construction industry.
    An Action Plan that will make the goals of the Industry Based Agreement a reality has been endorsed by a steering committee established by the Agreement.  Under the Action Plan, over the next year Master Builders NSW, the NSW Government and construction companies will work together to create real opportunities for Aboriginal people and businesses.

    One of the first actions will be developing the “Leg-Up To Employment Kit” The Kit will assist Aboriginal people who want to work in construction by providing information on national employment standards, work conditions, work experience and staying in  employment.  Master Builders NSW will be working with Aboriginal job seekers to make sure that the Kit gives them the information they require about getting and keeping employment in the industry.

    In order to understand the experience of construction companies, the Master Builders NSW will be conducting a survey of contractors that identifies barriers to Aboriginal employment and use of Aboriginal enterprises.  The results of the survey will be used to create strategies to better promote Aboriginal opportunities on Government funded projects and private sector developments. 

    These actions are just the start of the work under the Action Plan and represent the commitment of the Master Builders NSW, the NSW Government and the construction sector to supporting Aboriginal employment and enterprise development.

    Click here to view a copy of the Industry Based Agreement between Master Builders NSW and the NSW Government. (PDF 2M)

    Click here to view the Media Release. (PDF 1M)

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